Producing Memory in Dance
Oral History and Mnemotechnics


Producing Memory in Dance: Oral History and Mnemotechnics

International conference


Date: 18-20 November 2021 


Location: Campus Carlone and MSHS Sud-Est, Université Côte d'Azur– Nice, France.




The international webinar Producing Memory in Dance: Archiving, Transmitting, Forgetting and the international conference Producing Memory in Dance: Oral History and Mnemotechnics aim to discuss how dance history contributes to the investigation of the past as an ongoing process. Considering movement as a strategy for preserving and transforming meaning and adapting memory as a research tool, a group of scholars and artists explore how dancing bodies remember, archive and transmit experiences, knowledge and culture. The twin-event also questions canonical genealogies of artists, traditions, genres and repertoires by taking into account the role of removal and oblivion in the construction of individual and collective memories. 

Starting from November 12, a series of video interviews with dance artists on oral and corporeal memory in dance will be available on the website of Mnemedance only upon registration. Additional interviews will be conducted during the days of the conference and will be available on live streaming to the subscribers.

The international webinar and conference are organised in the framework of the research project Memory in Motion. Re-membering Dance History (Mnemedance) and they take place in collaboration with Practices of interviewing in dance, a project led by a team of dance scholars at Université Côte d'Azur. They are also supported by the research projects Auto_Bio_Graphy as Performance. A Field of Dance Historiography that is conducted at Universität Bern, and Reenactment as Historiography: A New History of 20th-Century Dance that is based at the University of Cambridge.